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Fall Mini-Sessions! (Update)


Hello all! After much thought, prayer, and conversation – Tamrah and I decided that I (Cory) will go to Puerto Vallarta on the missions trip in January. I’ve never been on a trip like this and am SO excited for the experiences ahead!

As far as the mini-sessions go on October 8th, nothing there has changed one bit. Tamrah and I will both be out photographing the sessions, and all of the details remain exactly the same. Down below is a slightly altered promo for the shoot (notice where it says “Cory” instead of “Tamrah”… pretty clever huh?)


*Here’s the original post (written by Tamrah)*

So, guess what?!? No, I haven’t decided to give up coffee, silly. I’m going on a trip. A very special trip, in fact. I’m planning to head to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this January. And no, it’s not to get a tan (as anyone who knows me knows, my skin doesn’t take too kindly to sunbathing).

Actually, I have the great opportunity to go on a missions trip! I get to spend time caring for the kiddos there, distributing shoes, showing love. And the best part? I get to take my camera, document the trip, and share it with the world. I get to go on this spectacular adventure with the purpose of using my camera to show what people are doing down there to help and love people.

When some people hear the words Puerto Vallarta, they almost instantly say, “Oh, my! It’s beautiful there! Such a great place to vacation!” And while I’m sure that’s true, as in any place that is beautiful and exotic and full of tourists, there are people who are not able to share in the wealth of a beautiful place like that. I get to be part of a group from my church who is going to go to share love with those less fortunate.

I plan to partner with a lovely vintage couch to raise funds for my trip to Mexico. How, you ask? Well, check this out:


And you, my friends, can be a family/couple/individual sitting upon a couch on a field. I’m truly excited for this opportunity. Not only can I raise money for this trip, but I get to do something I’ve always wanted to do: photograph sessions with a lovely, vintage couch in the middle of a big, open, gorgeous field. Not to mention conditions look promising for peak fall color.

Session slots will be available every 45 minutes and will be 30 minutes long. Sessions are $200. Normally, we don’t provide a CD of high resolution images with our sessions, but because of the nature of these sessions, they will be included in the session fee of $200. These high-resolution files can be used for Christmas cards, prints or any other personal use. {In case of rain, Saturday, October 15th is the back-up date}.

Email or call to set up your session time:



Gracias! Mucho amor, que Dios los bendiga!


Stacy and Shawn — Engagement

Can we say Fun? Energetic? Sassy? Full of humor? Deeply in love? Check “yes” to all of the above. These guys were a blast to photograph and if their engagement session was anything like their wedding day, it’ll be an amazing day!

P.S. Have we mentioned lately how incredibly great all of our wedding couples are? LOVE.

Betsy - May 17, 2011 - 12:59 pm

I love your work! 🙂

Tamrah - May 17, 2011 - 1:07 pm

Thanks, Betsy! We love yours too! 🙂

Bobbie and Peter — Engagement

Bobbie and Peter’s engagement session was at the Landmark Center and Rice Park in St. Paul. It was a really cold day, but we had so much fun!

Their wedding is at the end of this month, and we’re really looking forward to photographing it! (These guys are amazing!) 🙂

Bobbie House - April 12, 2011 - 9:26 pm

LOVE…LOVE…LOVE!!!! You guys made it such a great and fun experience too! AND thanks for enduring such cold! I think it was one of the coldest at that time, wasn’t it?
Bobbie & Peter

Sarah and Adrian — engagement

Have we mentioned lately how incredibly excited we are for this wedding season? We always end up photographing the most awesome brides and grooms, and we feel so blessed by it!

Sarah and Adrian are one of those great bride and grooms… their engagement session was at Boom Island park in Minneapolis. Along the way we came across a lighthouse, which I knew existed but had never been able to find. It was a great session, and we’re really excited about their wedding!

Daira and Brody — Engagement

So, we’re still revisiting some of our sessions from the late fall/winter, as we are continuing our return after a blogging-hiatus. Only in Minnesota can we have an amazingly warm fall, an extremely snowy winter and now a spring with a winter storm at the end of March (happening as we speak). This is one of the reasons I love to call Minnesota my home. Variety.

Daira and Brody’s session was on such a gorgeous fall day, it felt amazing to be outside. And what an energetic and fun couple! We spent our time walking around Dinkytown in Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota campus. Gorgeous!!