Monthly Archives: February 2011


It always amazes me when I look at photos of my kids from a few months ago and see how much they’ve changed in such a short amount of time. That’s how I feel when we look at photos we’ve taken of our clients… Sophia is a sweet baby that we’ve photographed from birth, all the way to 12 months old, and she’s no exception to the rule. She’s grown so much!

Here she is at 9 months:


And here at 1 year (what a big girl!):

Charlotte — 2 years old

Charlotte is another of our fall sessions that we’ve been looking forward to blogging. What a fantastic age to be! And one of our favorites to photograph. They love to explore, have fun and laugh! Oh, to be 2 again…

Rachael — 2011 East Ridge High School Senior

As we’re getting back to our blogging, I’m excited to re-visit the photos of the awesome seniors we were able to photograph last fall… and it makes me excited for spring (which is really not too far away!). Hard to believe with all of the snow outside, but before we know it it’ll be warm enough to lay in the grass again!

These are photos of Rachael, a 2011 senior. We had great fun roaming the streets of Minneapolis, seeing where the day took us (my favorite kind of session!).



We’re Back!

Yes, we’ve been on quite the blogging hiatus… first it was the culmination of a busy wedding season that held us back from blogging to our heart’s content. Next, it was Christmas, then a winter break to re-group and re-focus. Finally, we took the time to switch to a more eye-pleasing blogging format (which we’re still working on, so bear with us!).

Well, the hiatus left us with quite a few sessions that are currently un-blogged. We want to change that, so we’ll be posting a lot (and I mean a LOT) of blog posts in the next few weeks, starting with a trip down memory lane: back when the leaves were golden, falling, beautiful. The weather was warm enough to not wear mittens. Ahhh… makes me excited for warmer days ahead!

To start our time back into blogging, we introduce you to Amber, a 2011 Senior from St. Croix Lutheran High School…